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Lady Vol for LIFE

Is there any better place than here??? ; )
Is there any better place than here??? ; )

I'm super giddy right now & it's all because I'm back in Knoxville for a few days!! O how good it feels to be back in Volunteer Land : ) My Mom recently retired, so were blessed to be spending some mother-daughter time this week! We drove down to catch the Lady Vols take on Virginia Tech.

Loved the locker room visit and of course the orange/ white Christmas tree : )

While the outcome wasn’t what we wanted, every time I come back home, I’m so thankful for such amazing fans and to be able to come right back and feel as if I never left. It's always great to see some familiar faces, along with meeting quite a few new ones. Thank you to some of the greatest fans in the world!! LADY VOLS ALL DAY!!

I haven't had a chance to slow down & share about the fun from last week and our family Thanksgiving Holiday! It was absolutely amazing! It was the first time that I have hosted it and it was so fun to share the holiday with my fiancé.

Thanksgiving Blessings

Both of our families joined together to celebrate what we're thankful for and it is truly a blessing to have so much love and support. It’s crazy to think that by next Thanksgiving, my basketball playing days will be behind me. But I'm so excited about the next chapter of my life and what the future holds!

Supporting Kale and his CBC Team in Springfield, IL

One of the highlights of our holiday weekend was driving to Springfield, IL to watch my nephew Kale & his CBC Cadets play in a basketball tourney!! They won the game, and Kale played absolutely awesome!! He was everywhere, and as always, I was super proud to see him in action. He had a few dunks that had the whole gym rocking!! Of course, I was so excited that I forgot to pull out my phone to record them! I've gotcha next time Kale!!

We capped the weekend by taking a family trip to the movies to see CREED. If you have not seen it, GO SEE IT!! Our whole family went to see it, and I swear I walked out wanting to be a boxer in my next life. LOL! I just wish there was a way that I could box and NOT get hit ; ) Then I’d be in for sure hahaha. It was a great movie and Michael B. Johnson was amazing!! I’m a big fan of his after having the opportunity to meet him a few years back when we played in the NBA All-Star Celebrity Game. So happy and proud of all that he is doing!! Well deserved!!

I’m nearing the end of my 2-week crazy travel schedule, but I've thoroughly enjoyed being on the road! I took a quick trip back to Indy on Saturday to attend our annual Catch the Stars Foundation Holiday Party.

Catch the Stars Holiday Party

Big shout out to all of our amazing volunteers, Board members, sponsors and partners for all that you do to help us continue to IMPACT the community!! To whom much is given, much is expected and I’m so thankful that we have been able to bless so many people. Congratulations to our Volunteer of the Year- Cheryl Koch. Thank you for your dedication to CTS and our mission of “preparing our youth to catch their dreams one star at a time.”

NikeNYC and Daybreaker Workout

A few more hi-lights last week included participating in the NikeNYC Daybreaker event in New York, and being able to share the stage with a few stars (check my IG for pics). When I left there, I hit up Rock Hill, SC  and spent some time with my shooting coach (also an assistant at Winthrop University), Marvin Harvey, to train train. My first time to campus, and being able to be around the team, but definitely not the last time. The icing on the cake… got to hang with my lil nephew, Maleek, on the last night there.

A lil selfie before Leek hit the road back to Presbyterian College

The #TCChallenge is officially in full affect. We are on Day 12 and I hope that the impact and THANKFULNESS that you have shown has gone a long way thus far. Don’t stop now!!

Well, stay tuned to the next week! A lot going on, but remember every day to make a difference in someone’s life. Don’t get caught up in the small stuff. Take a break from life. Enjoy the person you are present with in the moment. Laugh a lot. Laugh loud. Cry. Smile… Just live. Tis is the Season!!

Talk soon. Best wishes and God Bless!


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