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Blessed to be a Blessing

Love these smiles!! : ))))

Where has time gone? It’s been literally a month since my last post. People tend to assume that my life slows down once the season ends, but it's quite the opposite.

Despite taking a 3-week break from working out, I've been getting my fair share of exercise just running through airports en route to meetings, appearances & events! From Baton Rouge, to New York, to Indy, to Louisville… God is truly setting me up for something big!!

With so much going on I’ll just give you a brief synopsis of this months highlights:

Feed the Hungry at New Life Worship Center

- Feed the Hungry at New Life Worship Center – We had a group of about 10 Catch the Stars volunteers that helped feed over 600 families in the Indianapolis community. It’s such a blessing to be able to give back and pay it forward to those who are in need during this Thanksgiving holiday. Such a blessing to be a blessing.

Louisiana Tech visit with Team & FCA

- Louisiana Tech FCA event – I spoke in front of a crowd of about 300 including teams from surrounding counties of Baton Rouge Louisiana for Fellowship of Christian Athletes. Along with me speaking, I visited, practiced and hung with Coach DeMoss, Tyler, the LA Tech staff and team for my few days in town. Crazy to see Ty-man all grown up, but so cool to see God working a miracle in his and the rest of the team’s lives.

Happy Parents from our Parent Wellness Clinic. Make sure to join us next year : )

- Catch on to Fitness & Parent Wellness Clinic – We celebrated the 14th year of the Catch on to Fitness Clinic & the 2nd year of the Parent Wellness Clinic. Both were a huge success and I always love the reason behind WHY we do this clinic. We allow the kids to participate with 5 canned goods and $5, which goes back to Gleaner’s Food Bank to help families in need. Parents get in free with their kids so we’re able to teach the importance of health and fitness to them as well. We continue to come up with new ideas for both clinics and I just love the smiles that we have throughout both clinics : ) More pictures posted at

FCA - Louisville, KY

- Louisville, KY FCA event – What an amazing testament to a community reaching out and being able to “serve.” I was able to come and speak at a standing room only FCA event with student athletes (from different types of sports), business women/men in the community, Christ followers, curious folks and so much more. I talked about being “fisher (wo)men of people” and how our time was NOW! I love being able to speak about the things I’m passionate about- my faith, the game of basketball and the platform I have to make a difference.

Flanner House Halloween Party

- Flanner House Halloween Party – We went to Flanner House Academy and participated in their Halloween Party. There were about 50 kids that cycled through 4 stations, in which we were one of them, and then we finished the day off with a surprise birthday send off to my big sis : ) At our station, I read a book, we took a group picture, they did a little bean bag toss into the ghost’s eyes and then they made pumpkins with a cut out of their hands. Really cool day!!

Jim Morris and I at the Masquerade.

- Masquerade & Meeting for Jim Morris – My fiancée Parnell, and I attended two events that celebrated Jim Morris and all that he stands for. The first one the Simon Youth Foundation & Pacers Foundation Masquerade celebrated Jim in a special way. All night, there were people around that continued to praise him and talk about the impact that he’s had in the Indianapolis community. Such an incredible tribute to a man that has inspired & impacted so many.

The second event we went to, Jim invited us to be a part of the Church World Service Board Retreat that was being hosted in Indianapolis. I met a lot of amazing people from all around the world, was able to talk about the work they were involved in, and heard a presentation about the hunger issue in Indianapolis and around the world. Leaving there I felt rejuvenated and looking for a way to help fight hunger in Indianapolis.

Women's Sports Foundation Athlete Leadership Connection & Dinner

- Women’s Sports Foundation Dinner and Athlete Leadership Connection – Less than a week after our season was over I was on a plane to attend the Women’s Sports Foundation’s big events in NYC. The first event, the Athlete Leadership Connection was held at Morgan Stanley with about 100 athletes that spanned from collegiate, professional and Olympians and was focused on life after sports. This was the first year of the Connection, and because of the success, it’ll definitely be an exciting time next year as it grows. The Women’s Sports Foundation Dinner was held the next day. It is truly an honor to be a part of the Women’s Sports Foundation Board and to be able to also be amongst so many amazing people and athletes in the Grand March. An amazing time to celebrate and honor some heroic female athletes and supporters of women in sports. AWESOME NIGHT!!

So, as you can see a lot has been going on. But, it’s all great stuff. I’m so excited about the next few months as we have a lot going on. Trust me, the best is yet to come! That has become my mantra, because I feel God working on something… I’m just ready for the ride.

Well, it won’t be this long for the next blog!! Until we meet again. Best wishes and God Bless!!