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The Journey Continues...

I love me some THEM!!!! #WeAreFEVER
I love me some THEM!!!! #WeAreFEVER

I knew that one way or another my next blog would be a memorable one. I was hoping it would be the one where we would be hoisting the Championship trophy and we would be reliving all of the tough moments throughout the season. Popping bottles, smiling til our cheeks hurt. Singing, laughing, snapping photos… The road to our victory… the road to being WNBA champions.

So, as I sit here laying in bed, I feel like I HAVE lifted the trophy, and that I will forever reminisce about our 2015 Indiana Fever team. Tonight we DID celebrate our season. We laughed, sang, drank (Shirley Temples of course LOL), snapped photos til our cheeks hurt, and spent the night loving each other with our family and friends that braved the Lynx crowd. So, minus the trophy, we gained so much more!

Walking off the court tonight, I did not cry. I didn’t hang my head down. And, I instructed my teammates to do the same. This season was truly a championship season in that we did something that no one but US and our loyal fans believed we could do. Even the WNBA didn't expect us to be a factor in the playoffs as evidenced by their promo ads which clearly exclude our team.

Game 5 of WNBA Finals. (NBAE/Getty Images)

We have managed to play in EVERY single possible game of the season… 34 regular season, 2 rounds of best of 3 series, and all 5 games in the Finals series, and we were literally a “bad” 3rd quarter start away from winning the actual championship. WOW!! I stand in amazement as I look at the fight, the grit, the tenacity and the all out WILL our team possessed through the playoffs. I can honestly say I don’t know if I have played on a team that has had all of that and has achieved what we did this season. Although some tears were shed in the locker room by some of my mates, as I looked around the locker room I’m so proud to be their leader and so blessed when I think of the joy that they have brought me this season.

A few days ago I was asked what is my “why?” Like, why do I play this game and continue to come back year after year… While I pondered about my answer, and thought a lot about it, I came to this.

“My why is in the gift that God has planted in me. It’s in the journey that He has put me on year after year, and the people that He has put besides me to break off little pieces of my spirit into. I love coming to the gym every day and working on the little things that can make a big difference. But, this year even more than that… I loved being with this group. Day in and day out. They became my family. They became my why in the joy that we have being around each other. They became my project to building future leaders.”

Pic with our team doc, Dr. Harsha : )

I want to thank all of the fans for being there for us, and for all of your messages via social media, e-mail, text and phone calls. You have been our “6th Man” all season long, and words can’t express how thankful we are for each of you!!

So, the journey for us continues as my mates will head overseas in a few days (or weeks) and prepare for their next steps. As for me, I’ll be around LOL. The first thing I’m looking to do is find a cold tub to dip my body into ; )

Stay tuned!! Until I write again…

Best wishes and God Bless!