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Finals Bound!!!!

2015 WNBA Eastern Conference Champions
2015 WNBA Eastern Conference Champions

How do you get something that you want so bad? You fight for it! Sitting on this flight back to Indianapolis after defeating the New York Liberty to take us back to the WNBA Finals and I can't say enough about how proud I am of my teammates. The toughness, grit, determination, fight, will and HEART is what I'm proudest of. We just will NOT give up!! That you can't underestimate.

EDD & I battling for a rebound (pic credit NBAE/Getty Images)

The Chicago Sky series was tough, in having to defend the league MVP, Elena Della Donne. Talk about a beast! One of my fave young players in the game right now. But. For our team, despite losing game 1, we never went into a panic. We just got more determined and believed what we were capable of as a team. Mental toughness! We came back home, won game 2 and then headed back up to Chi to win games 3 and head to another round.

Facing the New York Liberty we knew would be even tougher, and that was proved in a game 1 loss in the Garden by 20 points. Wow!!! It's crazy though... walking to the media room after the game, I didn't have any fear, nor doubt, on what could be accomplished. At that moment when everyone counted us out, I knew more than ever we would RISE to the challenge.

Game 2 didn't start off the way we would've liked, with us going into halftime down by 15. But, in the midst of halftime, the tides changed and we would be on our way to celebrating a victory after the game. I call it a "God thing" because what happened within my team and I could only be characterized by that!

New York Liberty Eastern Conference Finals

So, now heading to game 3, there are so many signs in hindsight that I believe helped us in our fight. So many unethical things that happened before the game, and I do believe "God doesn't like ugly..." Like I predicted both teams scratched, clawed and fought for much of the game. But, in the end, we just wanted it more! We fought like the underdog and came out on top.

No matter what happens next I am SO proud of my team AND the true Coach of the Year. The values and character that each person possesses is what makes this group so special. I've said it before and I'll say it again... "I play because of my teammates and because I feel so blessed to be surrounded by some amazing people." God has blessed me with the skills to play and the ability to lead, and right now, His light is definitely shining through me!!

Indianapolis Airport rocking!! : )

Time to sign off... Thanks to all of the fans that greeted us when we got off the plane today! One of the best feelings is having the love and support of our city!! You fans ROCK!!!!!! The BEST in the WNBA by far!!!

Well, here we go!!! Finals bound!!!