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Lauren Hill #NeverGiveUp #22 #ThisOnesForYou

I can’t sleep just knowing that tomorrow my team, the Indiana Fever, will be taking the court without me to face the Chicago Sky on our home court… I truly apologize to my teammates and all of my fans for not being able to be out there because of last games’ “bump” with the official. I’m not going to try to justify what happened, but the one thing that I will never do is apologize for the passion, fight and fire in which I play with.

There have been so many emotions throughout the day starting with when I received the call earlier today that I was suspended and wouldn’t be allowed to play in the next game after getting our 1st win less than 24 hours ago. Going straight to the root of the issue, as I told the league, at this point what’s done is done, and I’ll be back on the court in Tuesday’s game. But, tomorrow’s game is bigger than a suspension, basketball, the WNBA and most importantly, it’s bigger than ME and my emotions (and who’s right or wrong).

Tomorrow we will celebrate a young lady that has re-energized so many people around the world, and has showed each of us the importance of taking advantage of every single day!! This game will be played in honor of and dedicated to Lauren Hill. And, while I won’t be on the court for the game, I’m honored that I’ll still be able to share in the pre-game honor with her family. This is such a special day that overshadows everything else, and to me, despite the disappointment, both teams will go out and compete knowing that this stage is so much bigger than the game of basketball. This game is the celebration of Lauren, a young lady who has and continues to break down all types of barriers and shows us what LIFE is truly all about.

“Lauren, thank you for always being brave and for inspiring each of us to reach our dreams. Your motto to Never Give Up is one that will ring loud and clear to everyone who reads your story. You are so amazing and I’m so blessed to have been touched by you and your family.”

Best wishes and God Bless!