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Fever Game Day & NBA Finals "Beast"

Zelly Zell in the house : )
Zelly Zell in the house : )

Game Day in Indy!! : ) I’m excited about tonight because although I’ve practiced at Banker’s Life all off season into the start of this season, this is my first game playing on our court in front of the best fans in the WNBA! And... if you haven't heard- Shavonte Zellous is back! Let’s goooooooooo!!

We watched the NBA Finals Game 4 last night between the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Golden State Warriors. Man… what a game!! Like I said in my last post, I had picked the Warriors from the jump to win, but I’m also a huge Bron fan so I want to see him do well too.

The eyes are the key to the soul- Beast Mode

After Game 3 I was going to write a post about the “Beast Within,” focusing on Lebron and just how amazing he has been this year with Cleveland. Watching his focus, along with how he elevates the game of his teammates around him made me think about life in general. How often have we been put in situations where in order to succeed, there’s a team around us that needs to be empowered? One thing I’ve learned about myself while watching Bron is how to find the “Beast Within.” When you want to win, you can WILL a win through the way you play, but most importantly the way that you put expectations on your teammates to fulfill their role within the system. As you can see, not every game will end up with a win, but the thing that I’ve been preaching this year is “everyday just be better than you were the day before.” So, with that in mind… the focus is finding the beast within, and as we do that being better today than we were yesterday.

The Fever has gotten off to a rocky start (0-3), but I don’t believe our record shows how good of a team we WILL be. Every game we’ve improved, but it’s been the little things that continue to bite us in the butt and keep us from getting the wins. Well, this weekend we face the Mercury tonight (7p) and the Sky on Sunday (1p). Hope to see everyone there!!

Until then… God Bless!!