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WNBA Action & NBA Finale

Media Day action...
Media Day action...

Well, season #14 will kickoff in 2 days and I’m really focused and excited about what this Fever season will bring. I feel like every year as training camp winds down, the rosters are finalized and teams are ready to start playing, the adrenaline kicks in. We’ve added new faces on the court, and they are all fitting in nicely with our returning roster. I don’t know what it is, but something feels different about this season. Stay tuned!!

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With our season just beginning, and the NBA Finals starting tomorrow, I’m hoping that I’ll be able to sneak in some of the action. This is going to be a “hot” series fueled by two MVP’s, Bron and Curry, and their teams going at it. Who do you have winning it all? Before the playoffs even started I picked Golden State for the Champs, so I’m going to stand by it even though I’m a Bron fan too. I don’t know if I can cheer for both teams, but even moreso I just want a fun exciting series.

Championship Pose

When I think about what it takes to be a champion, I am reminded of the championships that have been won in the past, but as of late for me, our 2012 Championship run. We all get so focused and tuned into the best players, and the best teams, and the best coaches. But, in reality, to win a ship it takes more than that. The mental and physical preparation that it takes to reach this point is unbelievable. At the beginning of every season we all say our goal is to win a ship. In the end, the thing that sets you apart is how tough and prepared teams are both individually and as a team. Consistency. Discipline. Structure. Commitment.

Ready... or nah? ; )

So, while we’ll all be tuned to the NBA Finals waiting to see who comes out on top the Golden State Warriors or the Cleveland Cavaliers, I’ll be trying to figure out a way to get the Indiana Fever to the Ship this summer. Time flies when you’re having fun, so I’ll look forward to seeing everyone at the Fever games this summer!!

Best wishes and God Bless!


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