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Happy Mother's Day and more...

A little Mother's Day Love
A little Mother's Day Love

Happy Mother’s (Auntie & Sister) Day All!!

Mom, you have and continue to be one of the compasses in my life. I know sometimes I don’t get an opportunity to tell you just how much you mean to me, I want you to know I love you; I love you, I LOVE YOU!! You inspire, motivate and encourage me to always be better, and I love that because I love the challenge. Thank you that through my ups and downs you have become a cheerleader in my life- celebrating the good, and always looking at the positive of the bad. Mom, thank you for your love and for guiding me to be a better person every day. I love you!!

I know it’s been a while since I last wrote, but that just means that there’s more to say : )

Mr. Steve and Swin Canal : )

Let’s see… to kick it off; last weekend I was a part of one of my besties wedding in the ATL. Talk about A-MAZING!!! It was awesome to be a part of and share in their special day. People from all over came to celebrate their union and to welcome them into a new realm of life as Mr. and Mrs. Steve and Swin Canal : ) I LOVE IT!!! Swin was absolutely gorgeous, and Steve designed his own tux to have a little bit of swag tying the knot. What also made the weekend so awesome was the time my fiancée and I had, meeting all of her family and the people that have been a special part of their lives and just being able to get dolled up, but still let our hair down and party, party, party!! For anyone that knows me, I don’t really party, but I did for my girl Swin! Rocked the house all night long!!

We came back from the ATL and closed on a house in Indy last week. Talk about a dream house and being so excited!! Got everything and more that I could ask for and now the fun begins… we have to move in. I’ve been in my current home since 2002 so imagine the stuff that’s been accumulated… good thing I have my 2 oldest nephews hanging with me for the next few months : ))))

2015 Grand Prix Camaro for a Day

I also got to ride around in the official Grand Prix Camaro last week. They selected a few “VIP’s” around the city to ride around and bring awareness to yesterday’s Grand Prix race right here in Indianapolis. Awesomeness!! I didn’t go too fast, and I didn’t get pulled over LOL. Those were the two things I was worried most about ; ). I drove a little bit of everywhere, but riding to the closing and pulling up to my sister’s mouth dropping was the best part of it LOL.

Well, time is officially running down… this is the last week before we head into the 2015 WNBA season next Sunday. I’m super excited, as my teammates have begun to trickle in. I love this time of year, but then I also don’t really like training camp. LOL. I don’t like training camp because every year we get a great group of players that come in hoping to be a part of the Indiana Fever, but we can only select up to 12 players… So, some players have to get cut. That’s the part I don’t like about preseason. I know, I know that’s something I’ll have to move too when I get to the General Manager position someday too : ( It will never get easier, but I do have 5 tips as we prepare for training camp:

1. Come into camp IN SHAPE!! – There’s nothing worse than a player coming into camp out of shape. It puts you at risk for more injuries, and you will get exposed during camp. Some players may have a little bit more lead way depending on their position with the team, but my advice… Be in SHAPE if you’re serious about making the cut.

2. Stay FOCUSED- What is your goal? Why are you here with this particular team? I believe that staying focused also means being committed to your “job.” Get to the gym early, stay late, get shots up on off days, talk to the coaches, and connect with your teammates… Stay focused on what you can do to help this team.

3. Take care of your body! – I know we’ve all heard that “what you put in your body is what you’ll get out of your body.” That’s so true. Make sure that you are putting in good food, that you’re getting enough rest, and that you are in the ice tub or at least icing whatever needs to be iced.

4. Have Fun! – You’ve waited for this moment to come and now you’re on a training camp roster. Enjoy the moment. Do whatever you can (within reason LOL) to make the team, but no matter what enjoy the process. Understand that this is now a business so sometimes it’s not necessarily that you didn’t do good, but it’s the makeup of certain teams.

5. Play Hard – Stay Hungry!! Whatever got you to this point is what you need to keep. Go out there every day and show teams what you are made of. There’s nothing worse than a player that says they want to be there, but their actions don’t show it. Hustle everywhere and respect everyone. Play Hard or Go Home! You know what that means!!

Well, time to get up and get moving! Going to hit up the gym before church and then its Mother’s Day time. So thankful that my mom is in town so I can go hang for a bit!! Love my quality time with my family!! Until next time…

Happy Mother's & Sister's Day!!

Best wishes and God Bless!