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On to the Next... Women's Final 4 Pt. 1

The time is NOW!!

I didn’t get to post my thoughts on last nights game, but let me start by saying I was so torn between South Carolina and Notre Dame in the first game. I had former teammates on both sides so truly it was let the best team win : )

As the clock ran out, and South Carolina walked away crying, it took me back to my Tournament and WNBA experiences and the moments that we lost, and won as a team. I know as a player as the clock winds down and you’re on the “other” side it can sum up your season in that last final score. BUT, I’m so proud of Dawn and her South Carolina team. All year you have fought to do the impossible, and you CANNOT let this game be the definition of your season. Now, you must go back, recollect and prepare for another long fight in which it’s always harder the second time around. But, with the leaders that program has on top—ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!!

Congrats to Notre Dame and UConn for making this the third year in a row they’ll be competing against each other in the tournament. We’re all excited for a great game, and it will be fun to see who comes out on top : ) Well, soon it’ll be time to tune in to the men’s game!!

I’ll be back Wednesday after the Champions have been named. Until then…

Best wishes and God Bless!