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It's Official- Final 4 game Post

It’s official Final 4 weekend in both Indy and Tampa has kicked off. We watched Duke dust off Michigan State, and I just finished watching the Kentucky/Wisconsin game and WOW!! I literally had the chills as I watched both of these teams compete. Wisconsin won this game with so much heart and so much patience- just amazing team basketball. But, it’s not over yet- championship round on Monday!!

The question that I’ve been getting is “What’s it like to be in the Final 4?” Well, I don’t even know where to start… I’ll just say the hardest part is waiting for the actual games. There are open practices, autograph sessions, extra media and lots of family and fan interactions.

I remember Pat’s speech about the P’s: Parents, Press and Peers. Now, in my own words this is what I got out of Pat’s 3 P’s. 1. Parents are great and it’s fun to have them around, but don’t get sucked into NOT staying focused. Sometimes because our parents love us so much they may start talking about the games and asking questions about playing time, along with making false assumptions about situations in the game(s) of the past. Pat’s method was when they get to talking about the team, just focus on tuning them out and/ or turn around the conversation to talk more about OTHER things. 2. Press- AVOID at all cost as far as reading the articles, and getting pulled into what the other teams are saying. It can be hard when your family talks about it, and/or you hear people trash talking, but it’s definitely something I still think about in my playing days. And, last but not least, the third P- Peers. It’s always great to have such awesome fans and people that support your team no matter what, but sometimes we even had to put them an arms distance away. NO hard feelings, just staying focused on our 1 team goal- winning a championship.

So, now on to Tampa and the women’s tournament!! I’m excited about two more games to determine who will play for the Ship! In the men’s bracket we have Wisconsin v Duke and now we wait to see who wins the women’s ND v South Carolina and UCONN v. Maryland matchups. This is going to be fun!!!! Like I always say… focus on one possession at a time- offense than defense than offense than defense. EVERY possession matters!!

Stay tuned, I’ll be back to talk about my off the court Final 4 experiences:) Happy Easter tomorrow!!

Off to bed! Goodnight and God Bless!