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Sweet 16 HERE WE COME!!!

Thanks for the Cookie Love Somerset CPA's
Thanks for the Cookie Love Somerset CPA's

I know I’ve been Missing in Action for a little over a week, but I’ve been regrouping from our Brackets for Good loss, and planning for our upcoming Catch the Stars programs. THIS YEAR’S already off to a great start and I’m super pumped up for the upcoming months. Thank you Somerset CPAs for the great support (and cookie bouquet) along the way in Brackets for Good. It was a great experience & we're looking forward to being a part of next years competition!

These ladies keep me focused on G.O.D : )

This past weekend was a lot of fun with my fam and my Bible Study group. I love having a group where you can get together, EAT and fellowship. This week’s topic – forgiveness… OUCH and right on time!

Boys and I got a pic with the one and only Boomer!!

I got to hang with my nephews watching movies and running around the gym. Kolton and I got beat by Kanon and his buddy Luke, but we’re going to practice and we’ll be back for round 2. LOL! Other exciting news was going to see the Pacers play this past Monday vs. the Houston Rockets. It was a good game, but my Pacers couldn’t hang on to the W : (

In the midst of that, I’ve been working out and preparing for the Men’s and Women’s Final 4. I’ll be making appearances at both, so make sure to look for me. I’ll be conducting a clinc at Pike High School on Saturday (sign up at and then making moves to Tampa to join the All State/ WBCA Good Works Team as we do events in and around Tampa. It’s going to be craziness, but isn’t that what March Madness is all about? Let’s go TENNESSEE!! I need you there ; )

So, that’s looking ahead… I just checked out my brackets and I’m not doing too bad. In the men’s bracket I still have Kentucky, Notre Dame, Wisconsin, UNC, Arizona, Oklahoma, Michigan St, Duke and Gonzaga. 9 out of 16 teams – I’ll take it : )

On the women’s side I have 2 brackets going. In my first one, I still have Connecticut, Texas, Notre Dame, Stanford, Iowa, Baylor, South Carolina, Arizona State, Florida State, Maryland, Duke and Tennessee. In my second bracket I have… Connecticut, Notre Dame, Stanford, Iowa, Baylor, South Carolina, Arizona State, Florida State, Tennessee, Maryland and Duke. I may win a prize LOL : )

Let's go LADY VOLS!! Once a Lady Vol Always a Lady Vol!

Well, this weekend I’ll be cheering on my Lady Vols- first and foremost, but I love seeing the excitement within the teams and the crowds. Especially for the first timers – the smiles on the players faces are priceless! The best piece of advice I can offer players is “Go out there and play every possession like it’s your last. Don’t focus on the next play or the next game, focus on NOW! Stay in the moment.” These are memories you’ll never forget- positive or negative. I can’t wait!! Good luck everyone!

Until next week… God Bless!


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