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March Madness is Madness ; )

Women's Road to Tampa, FL

Yesterday was a crazy busy one, but my adrenaline kept me going, anxious after watching the men’s brackets to see where my Tennessee Lady Vols would get placed today. Well, we now know AND, we know that the journey to Tampa and to winning a ship is “ONE…game…at…a…time!”

I remember the days prior to the Selection Mondays where we anxiously awaited to see what place we’d be in, what bracket we were going to be put in and who our opponents would be on the journey to being a champion. It’s crazy because I think on every level you play on, the tournament is where players are put on a stage to either Win or Go Home!

Men's Road to Indianapolis, IN

I love this time because of the grit, guts and heart that is shown from every single team. Sometimes you go against someone that’s just a little bit more talented than you, but you still give it your all. There’s upsets, cheers, tears and love that’s shown, and I love it!!

I know everyone wants to know my predictions for the Champions, so join me in my “Catch the Stars TC24” groups for the men and women’s brackets. May the BEST team win!! ; )

- Men’s -

- Women’s -

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Best Wishes and God Bless!!


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