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Showwwww TTttiimmeee!!

This guy... LOL! Kobe and I
This guy... LOL! Kobe and I

The countdown is running for SHOW TIME!! I’m excited to see Kobe and I’s “Italian Imports” special on ESPN Sports Center tonight at 6;30p EST. If you haven’t set your TV’s… NOW is the time LOL. It was a lot of fun shooting it last October, and I’m so thankful for Spike Lee, Holly Rowe and Joie Jacoby being put on our project to help it come to fruition.

Then, right after the shows done, we’ll be in the Countdown for our “Brackets for Good” campaign. If you haven’t donated PLEASE, PLEASE WITH CHERRIES on top click on the link, check off Catch the Stars Foundation and go dontate!! It’s about to go DOWNNNNNNN and I need YOU!!

Kolt and I goofing off

Whew I feel like time just flies by… and, O what a week it’s been! In a good way of course! Looking back to last weekend, I had a chance to spend time with my 9 & 4-year old nephews, and we had a blast. It’s funny because when you don’t have kids, and you get them for any length of time, it’s an adjustment. Making sure you keep them entertained without wearing yourself out can be a challenge, but I’m looking forward to the days when I’ll have lil Tamika’s running around!! Hahaha!!

One of my cute dates for the Naptown Roller Girls game : )

We hit up the Naptown Roller Girls game Friday night and then crashed watching a movie (movie selection for the weekend included: Book of Life, The Boxtrolls and Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day). Saturday I got to witness my little nephew, Kanon’s, first video shoot and he NAILED it!!! I was so proud sitting there watching him and in the back of my head I had a thought… “He just may end up doing more shoots like this in the near future.” Kind of crazy, but super cool!

Kan and Kolt

Up next, we attended the Finish Line Youth Bowl for Kids that afternoon and got to hang out with kids from several Youth Organizations along with companies that support the Finish Line Youth Foundation. Talk about an amazing day!! I had a blast getting to meet so many cool people and just walking around, signing autographs, taking pictures and “being a kid” for a minute : )

Freddy Fever and I talking to the 3rd graders

This week has been filled with lots of workouts, meetings & a day trip to NYC! Wrapped up today speaking to the 3rd graders at Delaware Trail Elementary school- Kanon's school and class along with my main man Freddy Fever!! : ) So AWESOME!

I’m looking forward to relaxing as much as possible this weekend and visiting Seymour Christian Church for their 8:30AM & 10:45AM worship services. If you’re in the area, please stop by!

That’s all for now!

Upcoming Events:

1. Speaking at Seymour Christian Church on Sunday, March 15th at both church services- 8:30a & 10:45a.

2. Dough Raiser Benefit for Catch the Stars Foundation on Sunday, March 15th ALL DAY. Uno’s will donate up to 20% o your check back to the Foundation. E-mail for a flyer to be presented to your server. Only valid at: Southport & Emerson location in Indianapolis, IN.

3. Sign up for our Pike Clinic on Saturday, April 4th from 9a – 12:30p at Pike High School. More information at

Here are a few links to recent articles to check out! I’ll be back next week!!

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