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Ready, Set... GO!

2 more years... Let's get it! #SoBlessed

It’s official!!! I just entered into my final two-year contract with the Indiana Fever and have started making preparations for life after basketball. In a way I’m kind of sad that the light at the end of the tunnel is closer & brighter, but then I’m also excited to see where life takes me after basketball. I know everyone is wondering, but I feel like I’ve been pretty vocal in stating that I would love to be a General Manager for a NBA or WNBA franchise. So, we’ll see where God places me. But, I’m not done yet!! There’s a lot to accomplish in two years : )

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Tomorrow kicks off our 1st year of participating in the Brackets for Good challenge, a competitive online fundraising tournament for nonprofit organizations. Brackets For Good is an Indianapolis, IN based 501(c)3 charitable organization focused on activating new donors and increasing awareness for other nonprofits through competitive online fundraising. The challenge begins TOMORROW- FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 27TH and ends April 3rd . Every week our goal is to beat out our competitors, and that involves raising more funds! : )

What our 1/4 of the bracket looks like...

SO… Since this is the 10th year anniversary of Catch the Stars, our campaign is "10 for 10th.” I am asking each of you to give a minimum of $10.00 and to help spread the word to everyone you know to DONATE BY CLICKING HERE. We want to win the challenge AND the additional $10,000 that goes towards our kids!! Check out the video: and our link to our profile:

This past weekend I attended and shared my testimony at the Fellowship of Christian Athletes “Real Time 2015” event in San Antonio, TX. What an amazing time!! In between the worship time with Mandisa, Gwen Smith, Marvin Mumford and Bassist Bernard Harris, I was able to sing and dance like none other. And trust me, I was in my element. Even had a little solo dance part on the stage : )

The first night, which I missed included David Robinson and Jeff Foxworthy. In the morning Dr. Tony Evans from Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship used an amazing twisted analogy between football and politics to address the Race issue in our society. The next day after my testimony we heard from Jim Daly, Craig Groeschel and Neal Jeffrey. Talk about extra motivation to succeed and live my life in a “Christ-like” way.

I feel like in a week’s time so many great things happen. I can’t give you an account of everything that’s been going on, but definitely the highlights : ) So many great things behind us, and so many great things ahead!!!

Before I sign off, here’s a few reminders:

1. Go check out our new Catch the Stars Foundation Facebook page and like it, and then help us win the Brackets for Good Challenge by CLICKING HERE TO DONATE. Our goal is to raise $100,000 via this campaign. If we get 10,000 people to give $10 we can reach our goal. Help us get there & spread the word!!

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2. Sign up for our Pike Clinic on Saturday, April 4th from 9a – 12:30p at Pike High School. More information at

Until next week… Best wishes and God Bless!