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A lil All-Star Fun : )

A pic of the #ShootingStars Teams
A pic of the #ShootingStars Teams

Happy Wednesday!! What a week it has been. I had an amazing time at NBA All-Star Weekend in NYC. My favorite thing about the weekend is getting to see the people you only see once a year- all of the former WNBA/NBA Players, along with the sponsors, fans and staff & supporters.

I know I talked about the events that I would be participating in for the weekend, but looking back it’s crazy all of the things that we managed to pack into 4 days.

Comedy Jam time : )

As soon as we landed in NYC on Thursday night we jumped right into the action. We started off at the Tech Summit reception, went to the Sports Blog reception and capped off the night at Shaq’s All-Star Comedy Jam. This is probably the closest I’ve ever been to “bar” hopping, but it was fun being able to jump around and meet a lot of super cool people. It was especially GREAT to finish the night laughing with Dee Ray & Bill Bellamy. Fun times!

On Friday, I attended the first session of the Technology Summit. I must say that the technology that is coming out is kind of scary. The statement “you have to stay at least one step ahead of the game” is an understatement. I love attending the Tech Summit because I enjoy being in the know of what’s to come. Following this event, I rushed back for a meeting and media concerning the #ShootingStars competition. It’s cool to see the response from the media for all of the WNBA players. Literally from the time that I sat down to the time I got up, there were fans from all around the world asking all types of questions. It's always neat to connect with basketball fans!

Great time teaching kids about Being Fit!!!

From media we rushed to do a Fitness Clinic at a school in Brooklyn. The weekend goal was to impact over 1 million kids through the NBA/WNBA Fit Clinics. We were all separated at different schools around the city spreading cheer and love and speaking on the initiatives- “Be Fit, Eat Healthy and Play Together.” My group worked hard, and we had a blast running around and teaching the basic skills of basketball.

Swin and I welcoming in Evie to the WNBPA

Later that night, we attended the NBPA Executive Director, Michele Roberts, press conference and welcomed in our new WNBPA Director of Operations, Evie Goldstein. Welcome to the team Evie!!! Straight from the presser we went to a reception at Barclay’s, while watching the Rookie/Sophomore game. Honestly, I can’t tell you who won, but we had a good time mingling and of course, eating.

Ruth Riley, Tina Charles, EDD and I after the Unified Sports Special Olympics game

One of the highlights of the weekend was playing in the Special Olympics Unified Basketball game on Saturday morning. Last year was my first time participating and I can honestly say that I have SO much fun running up and down the court and just being able to put a smile on these young men and women’s faces. We played at Madison Square Garden and went through the player introductions and all. Such a fun time despite the loss. I can deal better when I know that they put everything on the line.

Russ, Penny and I getting ready for #ShootingStars competition

Saturday night finished off with us taking 2nd place behind my classic, (“Shaqtin’ A Fool nomination) performance with 6… yes SIX missed bank shots on the first hash mark. LOL. I don’t know what was going on, but thank God for my teammates hahaha. I was paired up with Russell Westbrook (OKC) and Anfernee Hardaway for the competition and I’m glad that they weren't too salty about all of my misses ; )

The parties were fun, but probably the most memorable part of the weekend was enjoying a performance was from Prince. It was such an honor to see him perform live with my OWN eyes. LOL

All-Star Shot

The grand finale to the weekend was the NBA All-Star game on Sunday night. Once again it was a great performance by both teams and I can honestly say a pretty fun game to watch. I was rooting for the East because I represent the East ; ), but it was fun to be able to see Westbrook get the MVP because of our let down the night before. That’s the way to turn a loss into a W.

Parnell and I

Well, needless to say, I’m tired, but it was so worth it! Had a great time and best of all I got to share the moments with my boyfriend. So…. no complaints there. Here’s to a great rest of the week and I’ll be back next week : )

Off to the next thing… Best wishes and God Bless!