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Happy MLK Jr. Day

Happy MLK, Jr. Day!!

What a blessing it is to be able to honor a man that has left his legacy amongst us. While I wasn’t alive to witness his greatness, I’m grateful to be free, equal and accepted as a result of his persistence & hard work. Thank You Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. for having a dream and paving the way.

Love My Lady Vols!! #OALVALV

I'm 0-2 within the last 24 hours...smh. Just watched my Lady Vols get beat by Notre Dame, and last night's game... well, definitely not the outcome we wanted. But, big shout out to our Colts (especially my fam- DA and Reggie) on making it to the AFC Championship. Despite the outcome, I’m still so proud of the team. Keep your heads up guys-use this disappointment as a driving force to improve during the off-season and come back stronger than ever!

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I had another quiet, but eventful, week. I’ve had lots of Catch the Stars Foundation meetings, got to hang with my Fever crew, and worked out… a lot : ) Definitely loving life and enjoying every moment that I get to share with my family and friends.

Had a great visit to the Indy Eleven office : ) Thanks GJ!

I had a great weekend with my fam watching basketball games, football games and of course among the best part for me was the “Whitney” movie. Although it touched on the positives and negatives in her life with Bobby, we ALL have areas that we know we could work on to do better for our own lives. I hope that there's another movie focused on Whitney and her climb to fame. We all know it takes hard work, dedication and persistence to get to the top. That's what I hope we see the next time around. No matter what, Whitney’s voice continues to inspire us all.

Love in the air : )

That’s all for now! The next week or two will be full of traveling & surprises. Stay tuned!

Best Wishes and God Bless!  TC24