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Moving On to The Next!

Game day hat : )
Game day hat : )

Well, the first excitement is the Colts advancing to the next round : ) I'm super proud! Congrats to my fam- Reggie Wayne and Dwayne Allen on the win! Can't wait to watch them battle New England next weekend. GO COLTS!!!!

This week has been a quiet one- thank goodness. Just a lot of work outs and getting back into the groove of everything. Funny how the holidays come and it’s easy to relax a little bit, eat a lot and just lounge with the family. But, when it’s time to get back to the gym, it’s time to get back to the gym!

I’ve added a few hot yoga classes- along with my water aerobics to compliment what I’m doing on the court. I love how my body feels after both of those workouts. One of my goals is to be more flexible & nimble this season. Flexibility is crucial in athletics and can help reduce the number of injuries.

Kale for the layup. Always helps when you win too : )

The highlight of my week has been following my nephew, Kale, with his games in St. Louis, and watching my other little nephew, Kanon, hoop it up here in Indy. I also got to spend time with my my little sister (BBBS) celebrating her 25th birthday! Crazy to think I've watched over her since 2002. Either I'm getting old or she is LOL!

Happy Birthday sis! Love ya!

Another full week of fun ahead, so stay tuned. I’ll be back next week… A lot of exciting news coming up soon : )

Until then… God Bless!