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CHRISTmas has come & gone...

Jesus Christ = Star in my life
Jesus Christ = Star in my life

It’s hard to believe that it is January 3rd, and that Christmas has come and gone. But, not the impact of what Jesus has brought to the world. I’m so thankful that every year we have our Holiday time to reflect the past year, and prepare for the months ahead of us.

Every year I look forward to Christmas time because of the big Birthday Celebration of Christ, but also because it’s Camp time and I know that all of my family and friends will be coming in town. This year was just as special to me, but it serves as the first year in a long time that we got to share it with my brother, Kenyon.

People always joke around about how close my brother, sister and I are, and I’m so thankful for that relationship. My whole life, through the ups and downs, they have been the ones to be there for me. When I’ve had challenges in ball, and even at times when I’ve doubted what I was capable of, they always pushed me to be better. What an amazing bond we have been able to have.

Dinner time with the fam

Not only was it special because of my brother, but it was special because I got to share it with my boyfriend. Over the past months we’ve been able to grow closer and have developed a bond with each other that will continue to grow stronger and stronger.

As I prepared for the week of Christmas- in between workouts and getting things done for camp, I also started looking at my goals for 2015. My top 4 goals are:

1. Get a budget together and STICK to it

2. Cook at least 3 times per week

3. Read at least one book a month

January Book Choice

Goals don’t always have to be so difficult, but it has to be something that you truly are striving to do! So, my first book I’ll be reading this month is “Execution: The Discipline of Getting Things Done” recommended by one of my mentors, Ralph Reiff of St. Vincent Sports Performance.

So, I’ve shared my goals… What are yours? Make sure that you not only set goals, but find accountability partners along the way to keep you focused. Sometimes it’s hard to lose focus if you don’t have someone to keep pushing you!!

Well, good luck and I’ll be back in a few days with last week’s updates. : )

Best wishes and God Bless!